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  • North American, Central American And Caribbean Nacc Workplace

    The Central American pine-oak forests ecoregion, in the tropical and subtropical coniferous forests biome, is located in Central America and southern Mexico. The pine-oak forests lie in between 600–1,800 metres (two,000–5,900 ft) elevation, and are surrounded at reduced elevations by tropical moist forests and tropical dry forests. Greater elevations above 1,800 metres are typically covered […]

  • If I Stood On The Exact Place Of Magnetic North, What Direction Would My Compass Point? Notes And Queries

    Constant differences are observable in the magnitude of coefficients relating SIC variability to surface heat fluxes, but ERA5 and MERRA-2 show common agreement in the seasonality and significance of relationships (Fig. ten). Additionally, despite bias in MERRA-two SIC, the two reanalyses mostly agree relating to the seasonal partnership in between SIC variability and storm intensification. […]