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  • 3,193 12 Constellation Photos, Stock Images & Vectors

    Normae γ²-Nor Octans The octant, a navigational instrument invented in the 1730s. Librae Zubeneschamali Lupus The wolf an ancient constellation, but without mythological association. Leporis Arneb Libra The balance a zodiacal constellation introduced by the Romans. The Crux from southeastern Queensland, by Yulanlu97, CC BY-SA four.0The ancient Greeks, following the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, believed Crux […]

  • Top Rated 30th Birthday Presents Ideas For 2022

    Pick from graphite or brass frame finishes and prints with or with out borders in quantities of ten, 25 or 50 so giftees can swap out photos anytime they please. Foodie close friends indulge your sweet tooth, pick out from our chocolate pizzas, tins of biscuits, retro sweets and pick’n’mixes, all of which can be […]

  • Necklaces Gold, Rose Gold And Silver Necklaces

    In the time-honored tradition of the Swiss watchmaking business, Jacob & Co. uses meticulously selected vendors for the realization of the brand’s watchmaking and jewelry dreams. The brand designs its exclusive collections in-house, then the professionals take over, though high-quality control is then performed in-house. The jewelry from Jacob & Co. continues the brand’s heritage […]